Who we are


This all began when…

A high school teenager realized he was just surviving. He was breathing, sleeping, eating, doing homework, closing his eyes, and opening them back up again. He wasn’t living. He thought he was alone. But he wasn’t, he remembered that the world was full of teenagers just like him, feeling the same things he was. He created this website. And he is writing this right now.

Hi, I am that boy.

I created this website to help people like me. People who feel like they can’t talk to anybody. I know how it feels to come home and feel so full of thoughts that you feel no one wants to listen to. Bottling up thoughts like these grow into anxiety and depression. I am here for you to talk to. Tell us about your day, what’s going on, because we care, You can talk to us. We want to be that person for you. I want to be that person because I never had that person.