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In this day and age life can be stressful. Your parents, your peers, your personal relationships: they can make you feel buried. That is why we are here. This website is for you to share your stories, anonymously. We are here to help with whatever you are going through: stress, anxiety, depression, pain, heartache. We are here to listen to you when you think that nobody wants to. This website was created by teens for teens. We understand your problems, we are going through the same things as you. You are not alone. Let us listen and help you. Help you feel confident, happy, and free. So tell us your daily trials and tribulations. You might feel like nobody understands what swirls around in your brain and what thoughts cross your mind. But we do. Let us help.


Tell us what’s going on

You can use this website to contact us via email for a response. We will respond to your emails. Tell us your story. Tell us about anything that is going on in your life. Tell us about the things you think nobody wants to hear. We want to hear you. If its about your day, all the homework you have, or all the thoughts you have swirling in your mind. We are going to listen.